ABA Therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis/ABA is the leading approach to improving the developmental deficiencies associated with autism.  

Applied Behavir Analysis (ABA) is the scientific approach of changing human behavior in the natural environment. ABA is effective because it employs scientifically-based and conceptually-systematic principles of behavior to make successive improvements in your child’s behavior. The behaviour change procedures used by our behavior technicians are previously implemented and demonstrated significant results.

We do an assessment on your child’s skill and based on the result we design an Individual education plan for them. Each child will be assigned a highly trained therapist that will implement the individualized plan.. During one-on-one ABA therapy, a behavior therapist will work with your child, to teach variety of skills that your child needs to learn such as language skills, beginning learner skills, social and play skills, self-care skills and academic skills. The behavior therapist will also work on reducing any problem behaviors your child exhibits such as tantrums and aggression. Parent training will be conducted during the sessions.

We collect data on your child’s behavior, analyze it, and graph the results so you, as a parent or caregiver, will be able to visually see the progress that your child is making. Our behavior Analysts focuses their efforts on socially significant behaviors that improve the day-to-day aspects of clients’ lives. Areas such as: Social interactions, Language skills, Academic progress, Daily living skills, Self-care, play and leisure. We give more importance to seek for generalization of newly acquired behaviors. In other words, the behavior change will start working in other areas of your child’s life, even after treatment is concluded. Positive reinforcement techniques have been proven to greatly extend the longevity of behavior improvements.


Smarty Kindergarten is a great place for my son to start his schooling experience. He loves being there, especially loves Spanish classes with Mrs. Strickland!

Tasha Castagna

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)is a system of autism treatment based on behaviorist theories which, simply put, state that desired behaviors can be taught through a system of rewards and consequences. ABA can be thought of as applying behavioral principles to behavioral goals and carefully measuring the results.

Through our intensive ABA Therapy, we work on Basic Cooperation skill, Visual performance skill, Receptive skills, Imitation skills, Vocal imitation, Requesting skills, Labelling skills, Intraverbals, Group instructions, Academic skills,  self help skills etc.

Rather than multiple therapies less intensively, providing one therapy intensively ensures consistency across home and community settings. Families benefit from learning strategies for facilitating their child’s use of newly acquired skills as well as for reducing challenging behaviors.Many young children who receive early intensive behavior intervention are able to develop skills that allow them to independently participate in a mainstream school setting.


January 2021