Communication Training

Communication Training

Children with Autistic spectrum disorder lacks or have delay in the ability to Communicate their needs. Mand training is an essential component of verbal behavior training for any individual who lacks this skill. The objective of mand training is to teach the kid to use words, signs, gestures, PECS or electronic communication device to obtain their desired item, activities, actions, information etc., which is controlled by another person. Speaking loosely, a mand is a request. Its a request for an item or an action.  For example, a child says “ball” when motivated for the ball or signs “jump” when he or she wants to jump. However, as a child further develops language, mands get more complex. Some examples include manding using prepositions, pronouns, adjectives (“Mamma, on Friday I want to ride my bike to Sarah’s house”) and manding for information (Where is my shoes?).

At Be Change Center for Autism, we aim to make communication easy and effective. Our efforts are spent identifying the child’s specific motivations, capturing and contriving opportunities to build on that motivation and developing efficient ways for them to access preferred items and activities. We differ from the tradition speech therapy approach in several ways and do not isolate their techniques but insist all therapies work together for the best interest of the child.

Unit Name Date Hours
Program Overview
One-On-One ABA Therapy Monday to Friday 7.5 hrs/week
School Readiness Group Tuesday and Thursday 3 hours/week
Swimming Coaching Tuesday and Thursday 1 hour/week
Sports and Yoga Group Saturday 45 minutes/week
Social Skills Group Saturday 1 hour/week
Early Intervention Monday to Friday 7.5 hrs/week
ABA Clinical Sessions Monday to Friday 5 hrs/week

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