Language Development

Language Development

It is clear that children with autism benefit from intensive, early intervention that focuses on increasing the frequency, form, and function of communicative acts. According to a study from Yale University, communication deficits are one of the core symptoms of ASD. all human actions were behavior-based, including language and language acquisition.

BF Skinner broke language down into five behavioral operants:

  • Mand – A motivating operation, such as a directly stated demand (“I want milk!”) resulting in immediate reinforcement.
  • Tact – An observation or description of the environment.
  • Intraverbal – Responses to prompts (tacts or mands, typically) offered by other people.
  • Echoic – Repetition of the verbal behavior of other people.
  • Autoclitic – A modification of one of the other forms, such as saying “I think I want milk.”
Unit Name Date Hours
Program Overview
One-On-One ABA Therapy Monday to Friday 7.5 hrs/week
School Readiness Group Tuesday and Thursday 3 hours/week
Swimming Coaching Tuesday and Thursday 1 hour/week
Sports and Yoga Group Saturday 45 minutes/week
Social Skills Group Saturday 1 hour/week
Early Intervention Monday to Friday 7.5 hrs/week
ABA Clinical Sessions Monday to Friday 5 hrs/week

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  • November 16, 2016
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