Social/Group Interaction

Social/Group Interaction

Social skills is a common area that we tackle within an ABA program. Skills that we choose to teach are selected and are adapted according to the individualized needs of the learner. We use the pre-assessment to determine the skill level of your learner and implement goals accordingly.Social skills classes break down specific complex social skills (such as: taking turns, conversation, sharing, joining a group, working with others towards a common goal, understanding facial expressions, tone of voice, etc.) into smaller components and then teach those components systematically. Small class sizes allow the development of friendships and teach skills necessary for the inclusion into classrooms and communities.

Unit Name Date Hours
Program Overview
One-On-One ABA Therapy Monday to Friday 7.5 hrs/week
School Readiness Group Tuesday and Thursday 3 hours/week
Swimming Coaching Tuesday and Thursday 1 hour/week
Sports and Yoga Group Saturday 45 minutes/week
Social Skills Group Saturday 1 hour/week
Early Intervention Monday to Friday 7.5 hrs/week
ABA Clinical Sessions Monday to Friday 5 hrs/week

Important Dates

Diwali Celebration
  • November 16, 2016
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