Discrete Trial Training (DTT)

Purpose DTT is a highly structured teaching method. It breaks down skills into small, manageable tasks. It’s often used for teaching basic skills such as language, social, and self-help skills.

Techniques The therapist presents a specific instruction or cue, the individual responds and then receives reinforcement if the response is correct. Repetition and positive reinforcement are key elements.

Manju George
Unit Name Date Hours
Identify Clear Learning Objectives
Create a Controlled Environment
Present Clear Instructions
Prompting and Cueing
Repetitive Trials
Immediate Reinforcement
Data Collection
Variety in Tasks
Generalization of Skills
Structured Sessions
Review and Adjust
Individualize Approach

Important Dates

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Related Information

By following these steps, DTT provides a systematic and effective way to teach new skills, behaviors, and concepts to individuals with developmental disorders, ensuring a supportive and conducive learning environment.