Incidental Teaching

Purpose This method capitalizes on spontaneous teaching opportunities, enhancing the individual’s ability to learn in unstructured situations.

    Approach Therapists observe the individual and, when a natural opportunity arises, provide prompts or cues to encourage specific behaviors. Positive reinforcement follows successful attempts, encouraging repetition.

Manju George
Unit Name Date Hours
Create an Environment for Opportunities
Identify Target Behaviors
Wait for the Initiative
Prompt and Encourage
Reinforce and Respond
Expand and Extend Communication
Model and Imitate
Use Natural Reinforcers
Encourage Problem Solving
Provide Feedback and Encouragement
Record Progress
Involve Others
Regularly Assess and Adjust

Important Dates

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  • 17 Oct
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Merry X mas 2022
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Related Information

Incidental Teaching allows for natural, interactive learning experiences, fostering communication and social skills in a way that is meaningful and relevant to the individual’s daily life. By patiently waiting for opportunities and reinforcing attempts, this approach encourages active participation and communication in a comfortable and natural environment.