Natural Environment Teaching (NET)

    Purpose NET takes place in the individual’s natural environment, making it more likely that learned skills will generalize to everyday situations.

    Methods Therapists embed learning opportunities into daily activities. For instance, during a meal, the therapist might work on communication skills, promoting the generalization of language in a real-life context.

Manju George
Unit Name Date Hours
Identify Goals
Create Opportunities
Embed Teaching Moments
Use Natural Reinforcers
Be Responsive
Follow the Individual’s Pace
Promote Generalization
Provide Feedback
Involve Natural Partners
Data Collection and Progress Monitoring
Modify and Individualize
Celebrate Achievements

Important Dates

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  • 17 Oct
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Our activities will challenge and develop your child’s creativity, imagination and social skills.

Related Information

By following these steps, NET provides a natural and effective way to teach new skills, encourage positive behaviors, and enhance social interactions in the individual’s everyday environment, fostering a seamless integration of learned skills into their daily life.