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At our therapy center, we do things differently, and we believe it’s crucial for parents to know exactly what’s happening during their child’s sessions. Unfortunately, in some therapy centers, practices can go unnoticed behind closed doors. That’s why we’ve made transparency a cornerstone of our approach.

Guarding Against Malpractice: We understand the concerns parents may have about what goes on behind closed doors in some therapy centers. That’s why we invite parents to sit in and watch every session. It’s not just about sharing the successes; it’s about ensuring there are no secrets when it comes to your child’s therapy.

Peace of Mind: We offer parents the peace of mind that comes from knowing exactly how their child is being treated, what techniques are being used, and how progress is being made. This level of transparency protects both your child and your trust in us.

Open Communication: By inviting you to actively participate, we encourage open communication and collaboration. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, you can address them immediately, ensuring that your child receives the best care possible.

Creating a Safe Environment: Our commitment to transparency isn’t just about showing what we do right; it’s also about preventing what can go wrong. By welcoming parents into every session, we create a safe and accountable environment where malpractice is simply not tolerated.

Your Child’s Well-being: We put your child’s well-being and safety first. By allowing you to be a part of every session, we ensure that your child receives the highest standard of care, and we give you the assurance that they are in good hands.

We believe that transparency is not just a benefit; it’s a fundamental right for parents seeking the best for their children. It’s our way of providing the highest level of care and protection against malpractice.”


I am very thankful to Be Change and to the therapist Manasi . My kid is not verbal yet ,before bringing our kid to Be Change we thought he is dumb, doesnot understands anything . However Manasi made us realize that he is “wonder kid” , he can learn things fast ,can respond to questions being asked .She showed us how to teach him . We will always be thankful to her and Be Change as a whole team .

Vishal Sinha

At our therapy center, we stand out by inviting parents to be present and observe every session. This unique practice ensures transparency, actively involves parents, and guards against any potential malpractice behind closed doors. We believe that your child’s well-being and your trust in us are of the utmost importance.

**1. Transparency at the Core:** Our therapy center prioritizes transparency as a fundamental principle.

**2. Parental Involvement:** Parents are not only welcomed but encouraged to observe every therapy session.

**3. Preventing Malpractice:** This practice safeguards against any potential malpractice that may occur behind closed doors in other centers.

**4. Open Communication:** Active involvement fosters open dialogue between parents and our therapy team.

**5. Child’s Well-being:** Ultimately, our commitment to transparency is rooted in ensuring the well-being and safety of your child while building trust with parents.”

Of course, here are the requirements for parents to observe therapy sessions without numbering:

“To ensure a productive and supportive environment for your child’s therapy sessions, we have a few requirements for parents who choose to observe:

– Respectful Observation: We ask that parents observe quietly and respectfully, without interfering with the therapist’s instructions or the child’s focus.

– Confidentiality: What happens during the session should remain confidential. Please do not share specific details about other children or therapy methods outside of our center.

– Regular Attendance: Consistent attendance at therapy sessions is important for both the child’s progress and the effectiveness of your observation.

– Open Communication: We encourage parents to communicate any concerns, questions, or feedback with the therapist or our team. Your insights are valuable.

These requirements are in place to ensure a positive and productive therapy experience for your child and all involved. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.”


Absolutely, you are welcome to observe every session if you wish. We believe that your continuous involvement is valuable for your child’s progress and your peace of mind. You can typically observe the entire session. We encourage parents to be as involved as they feel comfortable to gain the maximum benefit from the experience.


While observing, you can focus on your child’s engagement, progress, and interaction with the therapist. It’s also a good opportunity to understand the techniques being used, which can help you support your child at home.

We take privacy and confidentiality seriously. Please refrain from discussing or sharing specific details about other children or therapy methods outside of our center. Your understanding and discretion are greatly appreciated.



June 2024