Our core values

Girl playing with lego blocks Parent Coaching
We thoroughly believe that parental understanding of Behavioural Analysis treatment helps the child.
independent room for therapy Individual Rooms
We offer individualized room for all the kids as most of them gets distracted with loud background noises.
Smarty Programs_img5 Free Consultation
Fix an appointment over phone or email to meet and discuss with one of our Autism Consultant for free.
Child with therapist Our Therapists
Qualified therapists with a master’s degree in psychology/ related field with hands-on experience in the field of ABA.
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Smarty Programs

We intervene on problem behaviors using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis
Using Mand Training, we train the kids to use words or signs to obtain their preferred items.
With intensive therapy, we work on language, imitation skills, cognitive development etc.
Through the planned social interaction training, we are bringing kids out of their own world.
We make the kids ready to move out from our Centre after providing necessary training.
We work parallelly with the parents and train them the procedures to follow at home.


April 2, 2016 at 11:00 AM

Summer Vacation

April 27th to May 5th

360 degree ABA Therapy

We focus on an ABA lifestyle for families because we feel that what you learn at the Be Change Center for Autism must be implemented at home to ensure the best results possible for your child.

Live Session Observation
Discussions with Supervisor
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Direct Therapist Interaction
IEP shared to all Parents
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Early Warning Signs of ASD

Autism is a spectrum of closely related disorders with a shared core of symptoms. Autism spectrum disorder appears in infancy and early childhood, 

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Why you should choose ABA ?

Children with autism deserve ABA because there is more scientific evidence demonstrating ABA “works” than there is for any other intervention or treatment.

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How can I find out what caused my child’s Autism ?

The perfect class for your child with the best staff and best teachers.

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ABA therapy focuses on to increase desirable behavior and minimize unwanted or problem behaviors in the natural environment. ABA therapy programs are comprehensive and cover a variety of areas the child needs to be successful. The overall goal is to teach your child to learn how to learn!

  • Parents are permitted to observe the therapy session
  • All experienced Behavior Therapists
  • Individualized rooms for all kids
  • Frequent supervision
  • Termly review and IEP updation

Be Change Behavior Therapists who work with your child will document data throughout the day so his or her progress can be assessed. This information is reviewed with the family during parent meetings and training sessions. It is a priority at Be Change Centre that parents remain informed regarding their child’s therapy and care. The skills mastered in every quarter will be graphed as well as the entire skill list of the child will be recorded in a binder(file).

Our Timetable
ABA Session Timings:
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RBT Competency Assessment
Be Change Centre provide supervision services for those who are pursuing RBT certification.
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