Why do we allow parents to sit inside the therapy session and watch every session ?

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We understand that selecting the right ABA therapy center is a significant decision, and we want to showcase what truly distinguishes our center from others while highlighting how we tailor therapy to meet your child’s unique needs.

I believe that the principles and techniques of ABA can help individuals lead better lives, and that’s why it’s so important to continue expanding our understanding and application of this science.

Dr. Temple Grandin

Personalized Care at the Heart of Everything:

  1. Comprehensive Assessments: Our journey begins with comprehensive assessments of your child’s strengths, abilities, and areas where they may need support. This process is pivotal in gaining a profound understanding of your child’s individuality.
  2. Highly Tailored ABA Therapy Plans: Building upon the assessment results, we craft highly personalized ABA therapy plans. These plans are not generic; they are finely tailored to address your child’s specific needs, challenges, and strengths. We recognize that every child is distinct, and a one-size-fits-all approach is inadequate.
  3. Objective-Driven Approach: Our therapy plans are distinctly goal-oriented. We outline precise objectives aimed at enhancing key areas such as communication, social skills, or behavior regulation. This ensures that we focus on what matters most for your child’s development.
  4. Dynamic Adaptations: An integral aspect of our approach is its adaptability. We don’t merely stop at the initial assessment; we continually monitor your child’s progress and gather data throughout therapy sessions. This data-driven strategy allows us to make informed, real-time adjustments to the therapy plan as your child grows and achieves milestones.

We Welcome Parents Inside the Classroom:

  1. Transparency Beyond Compare: What truly sets us apart is our commitment to complete transparency. We take pride in inviting parents to actively participate in therapy sessions, allowing you to gain firsthand insights into your child’s progress. This transparency ensures you are consistently well-informed about your child’s development.
  1. Empowering Parent Partnerships: We don’t view parents as passive observers but as indispensable partners in their child’s journey. Your active involvement extends beyond the therapy room, equipping you with essential tools and strategies to reinforce learning at home effectively.
  1. Peace of Mind: By being present during therapy sessions, you can directly witness the dedication and expertise of our certified ABA therapists. This experience offers you peace of mind, knowing that your child is receiving top-quality care.
  2. Flexible and Supportive: Our team is here to support you every step of the way. We embrace a flexible approach, adapting to your child’s evolving needs to ensure they receive a truly personalized and effective therapy experience.

Observing your child’s therapy sessions every day is incredibly important for you as a parent. It gives you a direct look into how your child is progressing and allows you to see the strategies and techniques the therapists are using in real-time. This active involvement helps you understand the small steps your child is taking in their development, and it fosters a strong collaboration between you and the therapists, ensuring open communication about your child’s needs and goals. Additionally, being present during sessions enables you to learn how to support your child’s development at home, extending the positive impact of therapy beyond the session. This involvement not only builds trust in the therapists’ expertise but also boosts your confidence, providing assurance that your child is receiving dedicated and personalized care.

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Beyond the practical benefits, being there during therapy sessions creates a special emotional connection. It allows you to engage with your child’s experiences on a deeper level, strengthening your relationship with them and positively impacting their emotional well-being. Regular observation also gives you peace of mind, assuring you that your child is in a supportive and enriching environment. Furthermore, it offers an educational opportunity, helping you gain knowledge about ABA therapy principles and how they align with your child’s developmental needs. In essence, the opportunity to watch your child’s therapy sessions is not just about being transparent; it’s a crucial aspect of involving and empowering you in your child’s developmental journey.

In choosing Bechange Center for Autism, you not only select exceptional care for your child but also become an integral part of their journey. We pride ourselves on not just having a unique feature, but an unwavering commitment to your child’s growth, development, and happiness.

An ABA therapist from BeChange center for Autism Explaining the methods to parent of a Autistic Kid

Absolutely, at our ABA therapy center, we encourage and welcome parents to be present during therapy sessions. While the main focus remains on your child’s development, we believe that involving parents is integral to the overall success of the therapy. You are not just welcome; you are encouraged to join in and actively participate. This hands-on involvement allows you to learn how to deliver instructions and follow through with your child, ensuring a consistent and supportive environment both in therapy and at home. We believe that your presence enhances the collaborative aspect of therapy, fostering a deeper understanding of your child’s needs and goals. Our goal is to empower parents as essential partners in their child’s ABA therapy journey.

Absolutely, parents can actively implement ABA therapy techniques at home to support their child’s learning and address challenging behaviors. The principles and strategies learned during ABA therapy sessions at Bechange Center for Autism, are highly transferable to the home environment. By consistently applying ABA methods, parents can play a vital role in their child’s developmental progress.

At home, you can use ABA techniques to reinforce positive behaviors, teach new skills, and create a structured and supportive routine for your child. Consistency is key, and by incorporating ABA strategies into everyday activities, parents can provide ongoing and personalized support for their child’s growth. Whether it’s promoting communication, social skills, or behavior regulation, the skills acquired in ABA therapy can be effectively integrated into the home setting, creating a cohesive and supportive approach to your child’s development.

ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) parent training is a crucial component of any comprehensive ABA program. The aim is to equip parents with essential skills that facilitate the generalization of learned behaviors, enhance functioning in natural environments, alleviate parental stress, and ultimately contribute to a more enjoyable and harmonious family life.

The complete ABA parent training plan encompasses a variety of key elements:


Skill Development:

Parents are taught specific skills that are relevant to their child’s individual needs and challenges.

These skills may include effective communication strategies, behavior management techniques, and ways to reinforce positive behaviors.


The training emphasizes the application of learned skills in various settings and situations.

Parents learn how to promote the generalization of positive behaviors beyond the structured therapy environment to daily routines and activities.

Natural Environment Training:

ABA parent training focuses on applying ABA principles in the natural environment where the child typically functions.

This ensures that the learned skills are integrated seamlessly into the child’s everyday life.

Stress Reduction:

Techniques for managing and reducing parental stress are a fundamental aspect of the training.

Parents learn coping strategies and stressreduction techniques to create a more supportive and positive atmosphere at home.

Collaboration with Therapists:

The training encourages collaboration between parents and ABA therapists.

This collaborative approach ensures that parents and therapists are working together cohesively, with shared goals for the child’s development.


ABA parent training is tailored to the specific needs of the child and the family.

The training plan is customized to address the unique challenges and goals of each individual.

Ongoing Support:

Parent training is not a onetime event but an ongoing process.

Continuous support is provided to parents as they implement ABA techniques at home, with regular checkins and opportunities for further learning.

Positive Reinforcement for Parents:

Acknowledgment and reinforcement of parents’ efforts are integral to the training.

Positive reinforcement encourages parents to consistently apply ABA strategies and reinforces their crucial role in their child’s development.

In essence, ABA parent training serves as a comprehensive guide, empowering parents with the tools and knowledge needed to actively participate in their child’s ABA therapy journey. By incorporating these strategies into daily life, parents play a pivotal role in creating a positive and supportive environment for their child’s growth and development.

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